Cruise (Back-rest Cushion)

Product: - Cruise (K3 Memory foam Lumbar support Cushion)


Features: -


1) Absorbs jerks & acts as a damper for vibrations & shocks whilst car is in motion. This enables Superior long-lasting comfort while driving or prolonged sitting at office, home, car, bus, train or airplane.


2) This support pillow moulds itself according to body head & Adapts to your body’s shape to enable snug fitment and it also helps in maintaining correct body posture.


3) Ergonomic design contours to fit the curves of your lower body area, spine & tailbone.


4) Helps to align your lower back & spine to reduce muscle tension & avoid cervical pain.


5) Light weight & portable.


6) Soft, Cozy & Skin-friendly outer fabric cover.


7) The outer cover fabric is breathable to avoid sweating.


8)  Removable & washable outer cover.


9) Integrated snap-lock helps to keep the pillow in place & also makes it easy-to-carry by attaching to your luggage bags. 


Recommended for:-


1) Road trips, long flights, seated desk work.

2) Extra cushioning for uncomfortable office chairs.

3) Padding for Hard surface (e.g. wooden chair, bench)

3) Healthy posture and proper spine alignment.



Cruise (Back-rest Cushion)